A big welcome from the snowboardschool Bergeralm!


Our ski region offers ideal conditions for all snowboard fans. Whatever your needs, whether basic techniques for beginners, carving for intermediates, freestyle or freeride – in our daily 2-hour-courses we guarantee you fast and sure learning success. Our snowboard instructors Alex and Nadja wish you heaps of fun on the many downhill slopes, jumps and cool freerides.

Information at our skischool offices in Steinach or Trins.

Snowboard workshop

Snowboard workshop without equipment (children and adults) incl. boots & board (for children up to 15 years) incl. boots & board (for adults)
5 day à 2 hours € 110,- € 167,- € 184,-
4 day à 2 hours € 99,- € 146,- € 161,-
3 day à 2 hours € 87,- € 124,- € 136,-
2 day à 2 hours € 73,- € 100,- € 108,-
1 day à 2 hours € 50,- € 66,- € 70,-
1 day à 2 hours € 20,-    




Our course hours are two hours daily in the morning or two hours in the afternoon. The group courses take place from a minimum of 4 participants. Meeting point is 10 minutes before the start of the course at the middle station of the Bergeralm - see green flag. Beginning of the course is on Mondays, with enough participants also on Sundays. The entry into current courses is possible. On Saturdays there is no group course. Private lessons are possible on request at any time. All our ski school guests can participate in the ski race for free. We are happy to discuss all details in our ski school offices in Steinach or Trins. There you will also receive your snowboard course card when registering. For accidents is not liable.

SB Weekend Courses for short-term travelers and trial guests: Thursday / Friday / Saturday and Sunday on request!